Immersive Sim

Stealth Cyberpunk Gameplay


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Sight Lines and Layout

Problem Statement

Fluid character movement is the cornerstone of effective platformer design.

Player Experience Goals

  • Predict the Player

    Buffer inputs and logically blend between actions to make movement feel effortless.

  • Provide Clear Feedback

    Movement should provide visual and audio cues to improve the player's sense of control.

  • Achieve Low Input Latency

    Translate player input immediately into visible action, decreasing the friction between themselves and the game experience.

I designed a number of responsive systems that increase the level of control the player has over the character.

A key challenge for me while designing movement — our character is 2D!

How can we effectively convey the direction the player is running in, the speed of the character, and more in 3D space with only a 2D sprite?

I used a variety of visual cues paired with audio to convey the character’s movement state to the player, allowing for strong input feedback despite using a flat sprite.

This contributed greatly to a sense of decreased input latency and increased control over the character.